Wes Zaharuk

Wes Zaharuk is one of the most original comics currently on the circuit. He is from Canada and is one of the funniest and most madcap physical comedians around. Wes entertains with hilarious and anarchic physical comedy routines. Definitely one of the zaniest sets on the market. Mad as a box of badgers, Zaharuk raises the roof with physical, interactive comedy; a rip-roaring jump into the surreal.

We guarantee you would not have seen household objects used in the way he uses them. He’s an absolute must see and is storming gigs around the country.

‘Twin Peaks meets Cirque Du Soleil’ – Wilder Penfield, The Toronto Sun “Tommy Cooper on Acid”

‘A rib-tickling dive into the surreal’ – Channel 4

Wes Zaharuk has appeared in these Clapham Comedy Club shows:

Thursday 01 May, 2014