Jenny Bede

Join the Observer’s 2015 rising star ,Star of ‘Jenny Bede: AAA’ BBC3 and winner of the 2013 Musical Comedy Awards Best Newcomer for an hour of the finest pop culture inspired songs and stand-up.

PS you can totally look at her. In fact she’d really rather you did.

‘Inspired’ (Telegraph). ‘If there was one act on the bill I would confidently tip for stardom, it’d be Bede’ (Bruce Dessau).

‘Her name is Jenny Bede and she is very funny’ (Heat). ‘Hilarious’ (Metro). ‘You’re not a soprano, stop trying’ (her singing teacher).

Jenny Bede has appeared in these Clapham Comedy Club shows:

Saturday 18 January, 2014 Thursday 02 April, 2015 Thursday 04 June, 2015 Thursday 02 March, 2017